Padmakshi Temple Warangal

padmakshi temple warangal

If you’re eager to learn about the fascinating Padmakshi Temple in Warangal, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the rich history and significance of this ancient Hindu temple.

Padmakshi Temple Warangal

Temple Timings and Fee

Hanamkonda, Warangal
Ticket Fare Child Free
Ticket Fare Adult Free
Holidays All days Open
2KM from Hanamkonda Bus Stand
Connected with Only Road
06:00AM to 06:00PM

History of Padmakshi Temple Warangal

Long ago, there was a temple that worshipped a Hindu god named Shiva. Next to this temple, there were man-made caves which were probably made before the 5th century. These caves looked a lot like other old Hindu caves. Later, during the time of rulers called the Chalukyas or the Rashtrakutas, a place for Jains to pray was added to the temple area.

In the year 1117, there’s a writing found at the temple that talks about building a special place for Jains to pray. It’s called Kadalalaya-basadi. A lady named Mailama, who was married to a minister named Betana-pergada, paid for building it. The land for the temple was given by Medarasa of Ugravadi, who was an important person at that time. Betana worked for a chief named Prola II, who worshipped Shiva. Ugravadi was a part of the land where the temple was built.

After about 1156, it seems like the Jain place of worship was changed into a Hindu one, maybe because of some followers of a different Hindu group called the Veerashaivas. In the 1800s, Jains asked the Nizam of Hyderabad, who was a ruler, to let them control the temple again, saying it was originally theirs. The Nizam checked and said the temple belonged to Hindus from the beginning. In 1869, the Nizam gave land to take care of the temple.

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Architecture of Padmakshi Temple

One cool thing about the temple is the Annakonda pillar. It’s a big square column made of dark granite stone right at the entrance of the temple.

Inside the temple, there are lots of beautiful sculptures of Jain gods and goddesses, including the Tirthankaras.

Every year, many women come to celebrate the famous Bathukamma festival. They gather flowers and then put them into the pond near the Padmakshi hillock.

Padmakshi Temple Warangal

Festivals in Padmakshi Temple

The Batukamma festival is the main celebration at Padmakshi Temple. It happens every year in September and October and is also called the festival of flowers. Women from the Telangana region of India all take part in this festival. During Batukamma, they pray to the goddess Gauri by decorating small pots with special yellow and red colors and adding flowers like Marigold, known for its bright orange and yellow colors. After decorating the pots, they sing and dance around them all day, and at the end of the day, they put the pots into the water in the nearby pond.

Padmakshi Temple Warangal

Places to see around Padmakshi Temple

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