Discovering Khush Mahal in Warangal

Khush Mahal palace

Khush Mahal stands tall in Warangal, showcasing the city’s rich history. This marvel is nestled inside Warangal fort’s walls, letting visitors enjoy both attractions together. Over the years, Khush Mahal has held onto its stunning architecture.

Brief History Khush Mahal Warangal

  • Origins: Khush Mahal dates back to the 14th century, during the Tughlak reign. Some believe it was built on old Kakatiya palaces.
  • Architectural Clues: The slanted walls hint at the Tughlak design from that era.
  • Alternate Theory: Some historians think Shitab Khan, a Warangal Governor from the Qutub Shahi Dynasty, built it. It was also an auditorium back then and sometimes goes by “Shitab Khan Mahal.”

Deeper Dive into History: Prince Ulugh Khan from the Tughlaq dynasty built Khush Mahal after he took Warangal from the Kakatiya rulers. He made new buildings after tearing down Kakatiya designs. Khush Mahal is near Warangal fort’s gateways, known as thoranas, which still stand today.

Architectural Beauty:

  • Inspiration: The design is like the Diwan-i-aam’ of Tughlaqabad and the tomb of Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq in Delhi.
  • Design Details: Khush Mahal has:
    • A large audience hall facing north.
    • Arched openings on all sides.
    • Walls slanted in the Tughluq style.
    • Light entering through thin rectangles on longer walls.
    • A spacious main chamber with high ceilings.
    • A big entrance up north and storage rooms on either side.

Extra Features:

  • There’s a staircase that lets you see Warangal Fort’s breathtaking view.
  • Near the main entrance, you’ll find ancient idols discovered nearby. The remains of a Jain Temple and the Svayambhu enclosure can be spotted inside.
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Nearby Attractions:

  • Bhadrakali Temple: Shows off the Chalukyan architecture.
  • Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary: Explore nature and see the River Godavari.

Visiting Hours:

  • Open from 10 AM to 7 PM every day.

Getting There:

  • The city’s auto rickshaws, local buses, or taxis will get you to Khush Mahal.
  • Easy to find as it’s near Warangal Fort.
  • Just about 9 km from the Warangal bus stand.

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