Hanamkonda Mandals and Villages and Ward Numbers List

Hanamkonda Ward Numbers List

Hanamkonda, a vibrant city in Telangana, is steeped in history and culture. But beyond the urban center lies a rural tapestry of mandals and villages. This article have Hanamkonda mandal, exploring the villages and number of wards list.

However, sources like Meeseva, a government portal in Telangana, offer glimpses into some villages that might be part of Hanamkonda mandal. These include

  • Kondaparthy
  • Mulkalagudem
  • Narsimulagudem
  • Vanamalakanaparthi

To obtain a comprehensive list of villages and their ward structures in Hanamkonda mandal, here are some government website find data:

Telangana Government Websites: Official government websites of Telangana, like the Department of Panchayat Raj (https://epanchayat.telangana.gov.in/), might offer resources on Hanamkonda mandal’s administrative structure.

Local Administration: Contacting the local gram panchayat (village council) or mandal parishad (block council) offices could provide the most current information on the villages and their ward divisions.

Hanamkonda Ward Numbers List Pdf

This article sheds light on the potential existence of villages within Hanamkonda mandal. By exploring the avenues mentioned above, you can gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rural character and the administrative structure governing these villages.

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