Extraordinarily Talented People From The Land Of Warangal!

By Nihal Saish

September 26, 2023


Known as the "Dhanya Paritra Samrat" for his exceptional talent.

1. Nerelella Venu Madhav. (mimicry)

Dasharathi Krishnamacharya - The Literary Warrior

Honored by the Central Sahitya Akademi and a respected poet of united Andhra Pradesh.

Green Star

Recognized with the prestigious "Padma Vibhushan" award by the Government of India.

Kaloji Narayana Rao (Author)

Green Star

Author of over 200 stories, 18 novels, and engineering textbooks.

Rama Chandramouli Garu (Professor, Writer)

Green Star

Bhaskar's passion for photography led to a successful career as a cameraman.

Samala Bhaskar (Cinematography)

Green Star

– Author of Telangana's iconic "Jaya Jaya Hey Telangana, Janani Jayaketanam." – Honorary doctorate holder from Kakatiya University and Nandi Award recipient.

Ande Sri Garu (Author)

Madabhushi Sridhar Garu (Faculty)

Lecturer at Nalsar Law University and author of 30 law books.

Green Star

Recognized by the Central Sahitya Akademi and advisor to the Sahitya Akademi.

Ampasaiah Naveen Garu (Writer)

Green Star

A staunch advocate of independence and a key figure in the Telangana movement.

Bhupathi Krishnamurthy Garu - The Freedom Fighter

Green Star

Penned more than 3000 compositions, capturing a range of emotions.

Chandra Bose Garu (Film Lyricist)

Green Star

Chakri's musical journey started with violin and Carnatic music in Warangal.

Chakri Garu (Music Directors)

Green Star

Known as "IIT Ramaiah" for transforming students' lives through IIT coaching.

Chukka Ramaiah (Faculty)

Bammera Potana Garu (Writer)

– Potana Garu, from Bommera village, transformed from a cattle grazer to a literary luminary. – His works, including "Bhagavatam," are iconic in Telugu literature.

Sandeep Reddy (Film Directors)

His groundbreaking film, "Arjun Reddy," made a significant impact on the industry.

Tarun Bhaskar

Award-winning director of "Pelli Choslu," making waves in Telugu film industry.

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